Fixer Upper VBS

Hard Hat. Tool Belt.
Work Boots. We’re Set!

Ready for construction? Grab your tools and discover what it takes to rebuild a house from disaster to “Wow!” A fixer upper makeover is like what God does in our lives. So get ready for kid’s lives to be totally transformed! Our construction-themed VBS focuses on cooperative activities in order to build kids up. Fantastic music leads kids to celebrate what God can do in their lives! Creativity and an emphasis on art that has a strong connection to the Bible story is central to our crafts program.
Each day kids learn a Bible verse that goes with the Bible story and they dig into what it means to know Jesus as our Savior. Snacks offer a range of options from healthy to fun. Who doesn’t love a root beer float that transforms two ordinary ingredients into something extra special?

Fixer Upper VBS helps kids understand that God is in the business of taking the ordinary and turning it into the extraordinary.







Wait ‘Til You See
What God Can Do!

Pioneer Clubs has been providing kid’s ministry resources to churches for more than 75 years! Each year thousands of children take part in our programs and learn to follow Christ in every aspect of life.

Fixer Upper VBS is built on these core principles:

Bible-Based – we are committed to clearly presenting biblical truth from God’s Word.

Relational – we want children to build relationships with each other, with adults and, most importantly, with Jesus.

Simple – designed to be as simple as you need or as elaborate as you want.

Collaborative – encourages children to work together rather to compete with others.

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Dig into God’s Amazing
Story of Rebuilding

When you first build a house, it is really good. Everything is solid, strong and built to last. Over time, things begin to break down and fall apart. Then more things start to go wrong. Eventually, the house becomes a big mess and no one wants to live in a big mess. When God created the world, He created us without sin. Like a house, we were solid, strong and built to last. But we let sin into our world and immediately the foundation of our world shifted. Things began to crumble, even the wiring and plumbing in our souls stopped working as intended and the beauty of what God had created began to fade away. Things in our world got worse and worse. God knew we couldn’t fix our sin problem by ourselves. He sent a Builder who would restore us beyond what we could imagine. One day at the big reveal, we will be amazed to see what He has done.

Here’s what they’ll learn:

  • Day 1 – Sin Destroys What God Created for Good – Genesis 1

    People try to fix their own sin problem
    but kids will learn only God can do that.

    Life Builder Tip: Building your life without God won’t work.

  • Day 2 – Building a Foundation With Jesus – Nehemiah 1-6

    Nehemiah knew only God can rebuild walls
    and broken hearts. It’s His work start to finish.

    Life Builder Tip: God can rebuild your foundation with Jesus.

  • Day 3 – Rewiring Our Hearts to Love Others – Luke 19:1-9

    Jesus rewired Zaccheus. In building- and lives- the
    old has to be torn out before the new goes in.

    Life Builder Tip: Jesus rewires us for a new life.

  • Day 4 – Total Transformation – Acts 9:1-22

    Saul meets Jesus and is changed for the good. Through his
    life we learn what living a transformed life looks like.

    Life Builder Tip: God’s Holy Spirit gives power to transform us.

  • Day 5 – The Big Reveal – John 14:1-6, Revelation 21-22

    Construction starts with asking Jesus into
    our lives and it ends when we get to heaven.

    Life Builder Tip: Building your life with God
    means you have the best home of all – with Him!

A Place To Call Home:
Our Missions Focus

An important part of our VBS program is a mission project that introduces your kids to children in need right here in our own country and gives them an opportunity to help raise money to help others. This summer we are partnering with Appalachia Service Project.

What is Appalachian Service Project?

A.S.P is a not-for-profit organization that works with teams of students from around the country to build safe houses for poor families in the Appalachian region of the U.S. These families live in broken down homes that need running water, sound roofs, and solid floors. By serving communities in this way, the Appalachian Service Project helps people in poverty-stricken areas encounter the love of Jesus by having their basic housing needs cared for.

Find out more about Appalachian Service Project

Learn More



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